Green Community Certification for Alpharetta and Homestead Exemption Increase

July 24, 2009
Reed Guthrie, REALTOR

Reed Guthrie, REALTOR

Submitted by Reed Guthrie, REALTOR®

I received this note from my Alpharetta City Council Representative. Alpharetta is a great place to live!

Dear Alpharetta Residents/Taxpayers:

I am pleased to inform you that the City of Alpharetta has been awarded bronze-level Green Community Certification by the Atlanta Regional Commission. Below you will find a press release issued today by ARC announcing our selection.

Our certification as an ARC Green Community is the result of policies that City Council adopted earlier this year and considerable work by members of your Community Development, Engineering / Public Works and Finance Departments in preparing those policies and the procedures that support them. These efforts have made the City of Alpharetta a recognized leader in environmental stewardship and will have lasting positive impacts on our community. The policies implemented to earn this designation make sound fiscal sense and provide a return on taxpayer dollars in addition to being the right things to do for our environment.

Congratulations on living in one of the first three communities in Georgia to earn this designation.

Also, on Monday night, the Council formally approved the inclusion of an additional $10,000 homestead exemption for the homeowners of Alpharetta to be included on the November ballot. This brings your total homestead exemption to $40,000 (highest in the State of Georgia) and represents a net decrease in your millage(tax) rate of well over a full mill.

Best Regards,

Alpharetta City Council

John Monson


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