Braves remain America’s third-fave team

July 14, 2010

 Taken from Atlanta Business Chronicle

Brenda Hamstead, North Atlanta, REALTOR®

Brenda Hamstead, North Atlanta, REALTOR®

America is the home of the Braves… and Yankees and Red Sox.

According to a new poll from Harris Interactive, the Atlanta Braves are the nation’s third favorite team in 2010, behind only the No. 1 New York Yankees and No. 2 Boston Red Sox.

The Braves were the nation’s favorite team in 1999 and has spent every year since fluctuating as either the second favorite or third favorite. The team was the third favorite last year.

Rounding out the top 10 after Atlanta are the Philadelphia Phillies, Chicago Cubs, New York Mets, San Francisco Giants, Los Angeles Dodgers, Minnesota Twins and St. Louis Cardinals.

Some 36 percent of Americans say they follow Major League Baseball, down from last year when 41 percent said they followed baseball and 40 percent said so in 2008, Harris Interactive said. Men are more likely to do so than women (46 percent versus 27 percent). Also African-Americans are more likely to be followers of the sport, compared to both Whites and Hispanics (41 percent versus 36 percent and 34 percent).

There is also a regional divide, as almost half of Easterners (48 percent) say they follow baseball, compared to 34 percent of Westerners and 29 percent of Southerners.


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