Celebrity Real Estate Price Cuts

June 3, 2010

Extracted from Zillow.com/blog

Yep, even celebrties are slashing home prices!

Celebrities are not immune to price cuts on their listings, either.

Rush Limbaugh’s New York City penthouse (above)
Price cut: $13,950,000 –> $12,950,000
Notable: Conservative radio personality Rush Limbaugh has railed against New York City’s notoriously high taxes and has threatened to leave. He’s making good on his promise with the listing of his Upper East Side penthouse.

Diane Keaton’s Beverly Hills home (above)
Price cut: $12,995,000 –> $10,950,000 (see listing)
Notable: Besides starring in Academy Award-winning movies and winning an Oscar herself, Keaton is also known for her work in California architectural preservation. Her hobby is buying historically interesting homes in California and renovating them.

Steffi Graf’s Miami Beach home (above)
Price cut: $3,050,000 –> $2,750,000 (-10.1% change)
Notable: Graf’s home has been on the market since July 11, 2008 and it’s puzzling that it hasn’t sold yet, although it did have a contract in 2008 that fell through.

Scott Baio’s Encino, CA home (above)
Price cut: $2,895,000 –> $2,695,000 (-6.9% change)
Notable: Baio purchased this home in 1994 for $1,345,000 and decorated it to the hilt in a fun California retro-style.

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