Atlanta Shines for Business (Leigh Massey)

April 1, 2010
Leigh Massey Relocation Director

Leigh Massey Relocation Director

Atlanta has long-since been recognized as a great place to live, in part for our low cost of living.  Now, Atlanta is also among the least expensive cities for business.  KPMG LLP announced a study this week in which Atlanta ranked the second most cost-effective U.S. city for business. 

The study evaluated cities around the world on both cost and non-cost factors.  Competitive business operating costs helped to push Atlanta to the top of the list.  These costs include office leasing, accessibility to transportation, favorable corporate tax rates, and costs of labor and benefits.  Non-cost factors include quality of life, availability of skilled labor, regulatory environment and overall competiveness. 

Several companies realized the benefits of Atlanta last year and moved either all or part of their operations to our city: NCR, First Data, CBeyond, and Dedreon Corporation, just to name a few.  Atlanta is well poised for a bright future as it continues to be an ideal home not only for its citizens but also for its businesses. 

Source: Competitive Alternatives study, KPMG LLP


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