A New Smart Growth Project– The Atlanta Beltline

March 19, 2010

Brenda Hamstead, North Atlanta Office Founding Member, REALTOR®

Brenda Hamstead, North Atlanta Office Founding Member, REALTOR®

There are so many questions around the Atlanta BeltLine project, its components, its progress and what it means for our city that our very own Brenda Hamstead of Atlanta Fine Homes Sotheby’s International Realty decided to blog about this much-anticipated project.

The largest and most comprehensive economic redevelopment plan in the United States is taking place right here in the city of Atlanta. The BeltLine project was first inspired in 1999 by a Georgia Tech graduate student named Ryan Gravel.  His original thesis on linking multiple neighborhoods utilizing Atlanta’s abandoned pre-civil war loop of railroad tracks has grown to now incorporate over 1,200 acres of parks, 33 miles of trails, and a 22 mile transit loop.

 Running through 45 of Atlanta’s intown neighborhoods, this unique project will be focused on growth for retail and industrial businesses as well as creating “Natural Neighborhoods” through the use of parks, trails and a 22 mile arboretum. The Beltline Partnership is currently conducting free, three-hour narrated bus tours of the 22 mile loop. Community awareness, participation and involvement are an important element of the Beltline creation.  Advisory boards, study groups, committees, and city-wide conversations are open to citizens to get input on elements from park design to transit planning.

 Completion of the Beltline is estimated to be in 2030 and is expected to generate over $20 billion and produce 30,000 full-time jobs.  It is speculated that the first leg of the usable transit should be ready somewhere between 2012 and 2015.  By the end of 2010 there should be five parks fully or partially developed – Westside, Historic Fourth Ward, Boulevard Crossing, Stanton/Four Corners, and Enota. The overall vision of the Beltline project will result in a cohesive urban street grid, generate an estimated 5,600 affordable housing units, successfully preserve historic homes, neighborhoods, and structures and will lead to a vibrant and livable Atlanta with an enhanced quality of life.  For more information visit www.beltline.org.  To see a concept map of the Beltline, click here.

An artistic rendering of the Historic Fourth Ward Park

An artistic rendering of the Historic Fourth Ward Park


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