Top 5 Tips For Renting Your Home

January 11, 2010

90 Park Lane in Ansley Park is for sale and for rent ($8,000/month)

We’ve all heard this is a buyer’s market but did you know that it’s also a renter’s market?  With homes usually taking longer to sell, many people are deciding to rent their homes instead.  Because of this, there are a large number of rental homes available.

In the six county metro area of  Atlanta, there are 1,334 homes for rent starting at $20,000 per month.  Buckhead has 428  starting at $20,000 per month.  North Fulton has 262 starting at $10,000 per month and Sandy Springs has 142 starting at $9,500 per month.  (As of January 11, 2010. )

If you are considering renting your home,  there are several things you need to know to find a qualified tenant and to protect yourself and your property.  We polled the REALTORS® at Atlanta Fine Homes Sotheby’s International Realty to find out their top tips to help you succeed.

Locating – Finding a prospective tenant by referral or advertising.  Have property listed in the FMLS .  Our agents can provide you with that service and give  your property the maximum exposure in the Atlanta area.

Pricing – Should be based on comparable rentals in your area.

Qualifying – Probably the most important step.  Have an independent company do a background check of credit history, employment verification, FICO score, rental history, etc. to ensure that you have a qualified renter.

Marketing –Make sure everyone that views your home leaves with a brochure  highlighting its features, schools, and amenities that make your house and city a desirable place to live.

Obtaining Deposit – Make sure the deposit is adequate to cover the type of property and contents if applicable.  Have the tenant inspect the property prior to moving in noting any discrepancies in writing.  Lease should advise tenant that they are liable for any damages and lost rent in excess of the deposit.

If we can  help you locate a rental property or help  you to rent your own home, please give us a call at 404 237-5000.



  1. Great information. I especially find the deposit tip to be the most important. Many owners do not have a high enough deposit to cover damages.
    Darryl Glade New Orleans Real Estate

  2. That is true about the deposits! Most of the time animals mess things up that is why I always try to do a tenant screening so I know who is moving in and what kind of rental history they have first.

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