Atlanta area high schools featured in Newsweek’s list

November 5, 2009


Matt Bass, REALTOR

Matt Bass, REALTOR

Newsweek just published its annual ranking of the top public high schools in the country and Georgia continues to show improvements in a number of areas.  In total, there are 54 Georgia schools on Newsweek’s list of 1,500 schools, which they claim represents the top 6% of high schools in the nation.  Newsweek bases their rankings largely on how many students are taking AP or advanced courses, among other factors.

 Georgia has shown steady improvement in terms of the number of schools ranked to the highest ranked school in Georgia.  Take a look:

Georgia has doubled its presence in the rankings since 2005.  That’s a great trend.

Breaking down the numbers further, of the 54 high schools ranked:

  • 39 top high schools are metro-Atlanta
  • 13 top high schools are in Cobb County

Homebuyers coming to Atlanta from another state typically mention schools and commute as top of the list of important factors when determining what part of town to live in.  Combine those factors with lower property taxes and Cobb County quickly becomes a smart choice.  No pun intended.

Year # Schools Ranked Highest Ranking School
2005 27 106 Lakeside (N. Augusta)
2006 34 132 Riverwood (Sandy Springs)
2007 44 123 Walton (East Cobb  County)
2008 51 109 Walton (East Cobb  County)
2009 54 91 Walton (East Cobb  County)

Click Here to See the Complete List 

Matt Bass lives in East Cobb with his wife and two young sons, who will attend Walton High School in about eight years.  It should be in the top 10 in the nation by then.


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