Spooky homes for sale

October 28, 2009
Deann Benedict, North Atlanta Office Coordinator

Deann Benedict, North Atlanta Office Coordinator

Submitted by Deann Benedict, Office Coordinator for our North Atlanta office.

Published By : Brandon Swanson of REALTOR.com

You may remember the terror you first felt when you saw films like Psycho, Poltergeist, or The Amityville Horror—all of which feature scary/haunted houses—or you may even get that feeling of fright when you are reminded of that dreadfully creepy house you lived near when you were a child. Well, now you can experience the same feelings of terror and fright safely in the comfort of your own home by checking out the spine-tingling list of spooky homes for sale listed on REALTOR.com®.

5 bedroom, 7 bath New Orleans, LA mansion listed for $3,700,000
This 1850s Greek revival is the former mansion of author Anne Rice, most famous for the undead novel, Interview with the Vampire. This is also the home where the spirit Lasher in Rice’s, The Witching Hour, began to torment the Mayfair family. The interior of the vampire villa boasts double galleries with massive antique beveled mirrors, exquisite plated ceilings, and a newly renovated kitchen with a stainless steel range. Outside, the mansion features lush gardens, a fish pond, and a heated pool to take in the New Orleans’ witching hour.

5 bedroom, 5.5 bath Jerome, AZ mansion listed for $1,200,000
This monstrous mansion, named the Surgeon’s House, is not only a National Historic site, but it also hosts apparitions. Built in 1916 for the chief surgeon of the town hospital next door, this Spanish-style sanctuary has been one of the most popular haunted bed and breakfasts in Jerome, AZ since 1992. This house contains five master suites, original hardwood floors and an expansive living room with fireplace. The manor also features exterior sitting areas with pathways and ghostly gardens.

5 bedroom, 4 bath Whittier, CA home listed for $990,000
This disturbing domicile was home to actor Shia LaBeouf’s character Kale in the 2007 box office hit Disturbia. The film is an updated version of Alfred Hitchcock’s classic thriller Rear Window in which Kale, living under house arrest, becomes convinced his neighbor is a serial killer. This craftsman was originally built in 1910 for John Chafee of Chaffee College. The home includes a skylight, sun room, large wrap-around porch and a spacious second story complete with a period bathroom, bedroom and sleeping porch.

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