Forbes.com features Dean Gardens

October 14, 2009

America’s Strange Homes For Sale 
Excerpts of the story are below. Please click here for the full story.
By Francesca Levy, 10.13.09


Ice Cream Parlor at Dean Gardens

Ice Cream Parlor at Dean Gardens

These are not cookie-cutter colonials. Instead, in some parts of the country, cliff-side compounds and remodeled lighthouses are being listed.

Perhaps after sailing into your home port after an international cruise, you wished that you could have stayed on the boat–permanently.

Maybe you’re irritated by the walk from your car to your front door. You’d rather step from your vehicle right into your room.

Sneak A Peek: America’s Strange Homes For Sale (slide show)

Egyptian Bath at Dean Gardens

Egyptian Bath at Dean Gardens

They aren’t the only homes that inspire double-takes. The inclination to buck homebuilding conventions extends to property owners who have custom-built castles, installed ice cream parlors and occupied lighthouses to meet their housing needs. To find some of the oddest, we teamed with Realtor.com, Sotheby’s Realty and Christie’s Great Estates, and rounded up 10 bizarre properties whose only common characteristics are that they’re unlike any other home, and they’re all on the market.

Shell-shaped pool at Dean Gardens

Shell-shaped pool at Dean Gardens

Way-out features abound in a John’s Creek, Ga., home, which, with its 58 acres of dazzling Moroccan-themed corridors, gilded moldings and landscaped gardens, evokes Liberace. But even the famously flamboyant pianist might not have dreamed up perks like a seashell-shaped amphitheater large enough to seat an orchestra and a pool to match, an Asian tea garden and a replica 1950s ice cream parlor. The eccentric baron that takes on this luxury playhouse will pay around $13.9 million.

Dean Gardens is listed by Suzanne Close of Atlanta Fine Homes Sotheby’s International Realty. Please click here for more information and additional photos on Dean Gardens.


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  1. At 13.9 million this is a tremendous value for some savvy buyer!

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