Atlanta Playgrounds and Parks for Children

September 24, 2009
Erika Eaton, REALTOR

Erika Eaton, REALTOR®

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As a mother of a young child living in Buckhead, it took me a little time to find the best playgrounds for children in Atlanta. Most of my friends had their first babies all around the same time, so we were constantly comparing notes on the best recreational activities for children in Atlanta. Hopefully, other parents will be able to read this post, and find the best local parks to take their children.

Ardmore Park/Collier Hills Playground

Ardmore Park is by far one of my favorite little parks in Buckhead. It is small but very quaint. The play equipment is in great condition and there are several picnic tables around the playground. I’ve been to a few birthday parties here. There is a long, paved drive which leads to parking to the playground. This paved area is a safe place to have your child practice on their ride along toy (be sure to bring one from home). It’s super cute to see children exhibiting their riding skills along this walkway.

It’s very easy to park here. It’s fairly quiet but not too quiet. You will always run into another family or two while playing.

The park does not have bathrooms. Please be sure not to walk on the surrounding neighbors yards (and everything will be okay)!  Ardmore Park is located on Ardmore Drive (off Collier Road).

Homes located around the Atlanta neighborhood of Ardmore Park range from $330,000 to $800,000.

Beaverbrook Park Playground

Beaverbrook Park is a wonderful playground with lots of quality play equipment. The equipment is great for young children. This playground is very well maintained and caters to children of all ages. Around the park, there is a nice path, where you will often see skate boarders and older children playing. There are no bathrooms at this park.

Parking is never a problem. The park is located off Brookview Drive at Tennyson Drive (off Howell Mill).  Homes in Atlanta’s Wildwood/Beaverbrook neighborhood range from $450,000 to $1,400,000.

Chastain Park Playground

Chastain Park boosts a large playground with lots of equipment to suit all ages. I would say ages 2-13 would love it here. There’s plenty of open space for children to run and play. The playground overlooks Chastain Park, North Fulton Golf Course and the city; a lovely setting. There are no bathrooms.

Every Tuesday evening (during the months of May-October) the playground hosts the Chastain Chill. The Chastain Chill is a free evening of music and fun with Jay Memory performing from 4-7. Be sure to bring a snack / picnic basket. The park is bounded by West Wieuca Road, Dudley Road and Park Drive.

Homes located within 1 mile of Chastain range from $450,000-$3,500,000.

Garden Hills Park Playground

Garden Hills Park is a wonderful playground that is perfect for children under the age of 5.  There is a wide range of play of equipment, which is in excellent condition. The playground is partially fenced, which is a helpful feature. In the summer months you can bring your little ones over to the pool. There is a nice wading pool for toddlers. Swimming pool day passes are available for purchase.

The park is located off East Wesley and Pine Tree. Homes located in Garden Hills range from $250,000 to $ 2,700,000.

Piedmont Park Playground

Piedmont Park is Atlanta’s “Central Park”. It’s 185 acres and has a beautifully renovated public swimming pool, ball fields, dog parks, Saturday farmers’ markets and playgrounds.

Piedmont Park has THE BEST playground in Atlanta! There is so much to do there. The playground has a lot of diverse and unique play equipment. It’s new, very clean and well maintained. This park caters to children of all ages. I would say you could bring children from ages 2-12 and they would enjoy themselves. The play equipment is plastic and has high safety standards. There is usually a crowd, but there never seems to be an issue with a child having to wait.

Another HUGE bonus to this wonderful park is it has several, clean bathrooms. There is even a family bathroom.

The parking can sometimes be a bear and is the worst of all the parks mentioned. The closest lot to the playground is temporarily closed due to construction. I tend to park on Park Drive (located off Monroe Dr.) and stroll to the park. It’s a nice stroll and has not been a problem with my 3-year old. There’s a lake with lots of geese and ducks (fun to feed them) and family swings on the way to the park. It’s about a 5 minute walk (at most). You can also park on 10th Street (located off Piedmont Dr).

Homes around Piedmont Park range from $550,000 to $1,400,000.

Peachtree Heights/Garden Hills Duck pond

Peachtree Heights/Garden Hills boosts one of the best little secrets in Buckhead….the Peachtree Heights/Garden Hills Duck pond. The duck pond is absolutely one of the best places to bring a little one. While there is no actual playground, it’s still a fun place to take children. There is an expansive flat grassy field where you can play ball and bring a picnic basket for a nice, quiet picnic lunch. Children LOVE watching the geese and ducks. The pond is surrounded by thousands of perennial flowers and shrubs. Around the perimeter of the pond there are quaint, little benches and a lovely stone bridge. Don’t forget your camera (I see lots of professional photographers taking portraits here).

Located at Parkside Drive and Demorest Avenue (these streets are located off Peachtree Road between Lindbergh Drive on the South and East Wesley Road on the North, and Acorn Avenue as its eastern border).

There are no bathrooms. Homes around the Duck Pond range from $500,000 to $2,000,000.

Peachtree Hills Playground

The Peachtree Hills playground is a quaint playground. It’s clean and very well maintained. I think children ages 3 and older would enjoy this park. It can sometimes be difficult to find a parking space but if you go mid to late mornings and early afternoons; you can typically find a spot. There is a covered picinic area, but no bathrooms.

Located off Lindberg Drive (between Peachtree and Piedmont). Homes in Peachtree Hills range from $325,000 to $995,000.

Peachtree Memorial/Haynes Manor Park Playground

The Peachtree Memorial/Haynes Manor Park is a large playground that aims to please children of all ages. This park has lots of play equipment and is always packed with children and parents (no matter what time of day it is). The play equipment is in excellent condition and very well maintained. This playground is an excellent place to meet new moms and kiddos. The playground is surrounded by a large, open field (you will see lots of pets).

There are no bathrooms and parking can sometimes be tough; it depends on the time of day. Lots of after-work joggers and bikers like to park here. I suggest walking (if you live in the area). The park is located between Northside Drive, Woodward Way and Wellesley Drive. Homes in Haynes Manor/Peachtree Battle range from $500,000 to $3,500,000.

Pocket Park/Peachtree Park Playground

Peachtree Park boosts a quaint playground with lots of equipment to suit all ages. I think it is particularly appealing to parents with children under the age of 5. Pocket Park playground is entirely fenced in (which makes it really nice for parents). The playground is maintained by the Peachtree Park Civic Association. It is very clean with nice playground equipment. It’s very well kept.

There are no bathrooms. This little park is located off East Paces Ferry Road. Homes located in Peachtree Park range from $400,000-$1,000,000+

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