Top Five Places to Live in Atlanta without a Car

August 28, 2009


Leigh Massey Relocation Director

Leigh Massey Relocation Director

Submitted by Leigh Massey


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In New York it is easy to get around without a car, in Atlanta it is trickier. Even more trickier because there are few neighborhoods that provide the amenities needed to live car-free — namely grocery stores and convenience to transit. So keeping those things in mind along with safety considerations, here is my list of places I would recommend to live in Atlanta if you don’t have a car:

5. Atantic Station
While somewhat on its own island across from midtown, Atlantic Station does offer a highly convenient shuttle to the ArtsCenter train station. Housing isn’t as affordable as other areas, especially living alone. Grocery shopping is found at Publix and residents can choosing from all the shops in the retail district along with Target and Ikea. Some nightlife and restaurants can also be found. This area is good for students at Tech and GeorgiaState because of the proximity.

4. Downtown Decatur
Downtown Decatur is charming and cute and highly walkable and safe. The square has restaurants and nightlife. The only major downside is that there is only one small Kroger that services the area. Otherwise, it feels like a small town and there are some affordable apartments and several condo buildings to choose from. Bus 2 runs down Ponce and can take you into the city in addition to the Decatur train station.

3. Little 5 Points/InmanPark
A hipper neighborhood, Little 5 Points offers a shopping, theaters, music venues, as well as a restaurant district that also offers Sevenanda, a health foods store. Slightly up the street is the Publix on Ponce and bus 6 that runs through the area goes to Emory. A little farther down from Little 5 and more residential is the historic Inman Park neighborhood where you’ll find lots of parks, more restaurants/retail and the Inman Park train station, which is about a 15 minute walk from the heart of Little 5. Depending on where you live, a walk to Target and Kroger in the Edgewood Retail District is also an option. Having a bike here makes a big difference, and you’ll see many bike riders on the street.

2. Midtown
Midtown is one of the most walkable MARTA areas in the city. There are affordable apartments in the residential area south of PiedmontPark with a Trader Joe’s on one end and Publix at the other. Or, for those who can afford it, there are many condos as well. Plenty of nightlife and restaurants are steps away, along with three MARTA stations and Piedmont Park. This neighborhood did not make the number one spot due to increased general crime in the area, and while a great walkable area, always use caution at night, especially south of 7th Street and along Juniper and Piedmont.

1. VirginiaHighlands
Virginia Highlands is a safer area in the city, has great restaurants and nightlife, and depending on what part of the neighborhood you live, choose from Kroger, Whole Foods, Trader Joes and Publix for groceries. Piedmont Park is still nearby and while not as convenient to the train, the neighborhood has four major bus routes that go through the area, 6, 16, 45 and 2. These routes provide convenient access to both the east/west and north/south rail lines, downtown, Emory, Little 5 Points, Midtown, CandlerPark and InmanPark.


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