Down Payment Assistance Programs Make Housing Affordable

June 2, 2009
Heery Brothers, Founding Partners

Heery Brothers, Founding Partners

We have recently blogged on housing affordability. The cost of housing is at the lowest point in recent memory.  This is a function of low interest rates in tandem with low prices.

Something not reflected in the Housing Affordability Index  is a plethora of down payment assistance programs. Many overlook this and especially how applicable it might be to even well-located quality property. Something like this could make a decisive difference in buying a Buckhead short sale or Midtown condo, for instance. (Please see a recent post we had on housing affordability by clicking here.)

 Before we give you a short list of down payment assistance programs and other incentives, here is a list of some very good resources:

These programs are complex and require due diligence.  In fact, many require that you take classes before accessing any program benefits.

Summary of down payment assistance programs and other incentives (click here or on the image for the PDF file):

Down payment assistance programs


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  1. Thanks for info on down payment assistance programs. However, I have a mortgage now, and am in trouble. Do you have any ways to save on mortgages, any gov’t help, if have a mortgage now? I think a program called Hope now? This site http://www.needhelppayingbills.com mentions there is one, but doesn’t have the details. Thanks in advance.

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