Atlanta a top relocation city

June 1, 2009
Natalie Ransom, Realtor & Founding Partner

Natalie Ransom, Realtor & Founding Partner

Submitted by Natalie Ransom

Atlanta remains one to the best cities in America to get a fresh start, according to Relocation.com.

The online moving service company ranked Atlanta the eighth-best city to start over and seek out new economic opportunities.

Relocation.com used the following elements to create its list: city ‘popularity’ based on consumer requests for moving quotes to move to that city; economic-growth prospects; home affordability; and the strength of a community as reflected by volunteerism rates.

The top city was Austin, Texas, followed by Dallas; Charlotte, N.C.; Denver; Columbus, Ohio; Indianapolis; and Washington, D.C. After Atlanta are Oklahoma City, Okla.; and Houston.

“Studies have shown that many people don’t like where they live,” said Sharon Asher, chairman and founder of Relocation.com. “At the same time, a lot of people are looking for work, whether they’re unemployed now or fearing layoffs. It’s a scary time, but for some it might be a good time to think about starting over.”

To see the story on the Atlanta Business Chronicle web site, please click here.


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