A Lake House!

April 21, 2009
Ann Hopkins REALTOR

Ann Hopkins REALTOR

 “Ann, get in the car. We bought a lot at Lake Burton and we’re going to build a lake house and spend every weekend there.”

“Every weekend?”, I replied.

These are not words that any twelve year old wants to hear. What could possibly be so special that would cause anyone, even MY parents, to want to spend so much time at one place?

What could there be to do there, out in the woods of northeast Georgia?  I got in the car. We arrived at our lot on the main body of the lake.

My 38 year love affair with Lake Burton had begun!

It is an honor to represent Atlanta Fine Homes Sotheby’s at one of the greatest spots on earth…Lake Burton in Rabun County, Georgia.

Lake BurtonLake Burton History

~  First in a chain of six Georgia Power lakes, Lake Burtons sits at 1866 feet above sea level. The Lake Burton dam was completed in December 1919.

~   The lake was completely filled by August 1922, and began commercial operation in 1927. The dam is 116 feet high and 1,110 feet long. The reservoir covers 2,775 acres and is capable of holding billion cubic feet of water.

~   There are  63 miles of shoreline, with the the distance from one end of the lake to the other being 6.63 air miles and 9.41 river miles.

~   Approximately 1,200 private and leased lot home sites on the lake shoreline.
(Source: Lake Burton Civic Association Directory)


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