Elementary Schools In Atlanta Ranking

February 2, 2009

Heery Brothers Founding Partners

Heery Brothers Founding Partners

Morris Brandon is still the “king” and  E. Rivers moves up.

Heery Brothers have found City of Atlanta  elementary school performance is the biggest lead indicator for which neighborhoods are on the way up and which is on the way down. This major value driver is highly evident in the under $1,000,000 in single family homes inside I-285. 

Every year when the Atlanta Business Chronicle publishes its Education Guide, I immediately looked up the  elementary schools in the areas  in which I work and their scores.  You probably could find a better way to rank schools, but test scores are an easy measurement to compare.

For 2009, the elementary schools in Atlanta winners are (all schools are in Buckhead except for Mary Lin, which is in midtown/downtown and Morningside, which is in Virginia Highland/Morningside):

Morris Brandon has maintained the top position for a number of years now with 484 points out of 500. I hope they will focus on math this year although 91% is still an” A,” they can get an “A+” if they try hard.  Click here to see homes for sale in the Morris Brandon school district.

Tied dead even, for second place with 479 points each are the expected, dependable Warren T. Jackson and the shooting star of the past few years: Morningside Elementary.  Click here to see homes for sale in the Warren T. Jackson school district, and here for homes for sale in the Morningside school district.

Out of nowhere, or maybe I had not been paying attention, Mary Lin elementary rings the bell with a very nice 472.  Click here to see homes for sale in the Lin school district.

Then at a clear 5th place and now a real contender,  E. Rivers with 469 comes from not even in the race five years ago to one of the top schools. Click here to see homes for sale in the E Rivers school district. 

But don’t count Sarah Smith out, they had fallen back but are working back up through ranks for a cool 6th at 464 points of which nothing was below 91%. Click here to see homes for sale in the Sarah Rawson Smith school district.

An honorable mention goes to Garden Hills elementary with its small class sizes is really on the rise at 412 points. Just one more good push in the math and science and a tweak on the reading and they too will be all A’s. It’s one to watch.  Click here to see homes for sale in the Garden Hills school district.


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