Top Streets in Chastain Park

January 28, 2009
Diane Higgins Founding Member

Diane Higgins Founding Member

I live in the Chastain Park area, and I am very partial to many of the streets in this beautiful area of Buckhead in Atlanta.

Dudley Lane has to be my favorite streets because of all it has to offer.  It is a great tree-lined family street with lots of kids ranging from newborns to teenagers. Most times of the day you can drive down the road and find kids outside playing.  It is very heartwarming. It is also very close to the Chastain Park and accesible to the sports fields, the playground and the ampitheater.  (Click here to see homes for sale on Dudley Lane)

Broadland Road is another favorite because of the diversity of homes. The homes range from small to quite large but the street still has a very cohesive feel to it. (Click here to see homes for sale on Broadland)

Blanton Road, from the Realtor perspecitve, seems to be one of those streets that anyone moving to Chastian Park wants to live on. It offers a very neighborhood feel and the neighbors can walk to the horse park or to Horseradish Grill. (Click here to see homes for sale on Blanton Road)


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