HERO Unit Information

January 21, 2009
HERO Truck

HERO Truck

I’m sure you’ve driven by a HERO Unit helping someone along the side of the road in metro Atlanta in the past. 

The HERO Unit is a free service provided by the Georgia DOT, paid for by the state gas tax.  HEROs travel all over metro Atlanta monitoring our freeways in bright yellow trucks.  Below is a list of HERO duties as well as some important numbers to keep in your vehicle: 

HERO Unit: 404.635.8000 (this number is for flats, engine trouble, out of gas, etc…)
404.624.2660    (this number is for Extreme Emergencies) or *368 by cell phone)

HERO Duties

Patrol the Atlanta-area freeways, Monday-Friday from 5:30am-9:30pm
Patrol the Atlanta-area freeways, Saturday and Sunday from 9:30am-9:30pm
Be on call to respond to incidents outside the above hours
Initiate measures to reduce traffic congestion and delays
Provide support to law enforcement, first-response and other emergency agencies
Assist in clearing stalled vehicles from the travel lanes
Help stranded motorists with minor mechanical problems including:
         changing flat tires
         jump starting weak batteries
         provide fuel, coolant, etc…
         provide road and travel information
         provide transportation to safer areas
         provide courtesy use of a telephone

Hopefully, you will never have to use the HERO service, but it’s comforting knowing that this service exists.

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