Decatur Highlights, Part One

January 21, 2009
Frank Wynne Founding Partner

Frank Wynne Founding Partner

I live in Decatur and much of my business is within the 30030 zip code.  What many of my clients like about Decatur, Georgia is that it feels like a small town.  They are right.  Decatur, Georgia is a small town (under 20,000 people).  This small city is run by neighbors who are held to their word by a very involved, outspoken and rather quick to the polls, townspeople.  What is unique is that the City of Decatur is located, inside the Perimeter making Decatur well within the major metropolitan area of Atlanta, Georgia, one of the nation’s largest metropolitan areas.  Therefore, the City of Decatur offers the best of both worlds.  The delight of small town atmosphere coupled with sophistication of a major urban community.

The Atlanta Journal Constitution printed a quote regarding Decatur a few years ago that went something like “Decatur… where Mayberry Meets Berkeley”   And it seems to be true, Decatur does possess a liberal flavor,  bumper stickers declare:  “Decatur: A bright Blue spot in a very Red state.” A college town: The Emory University campus to the West, the Columbia Seminary campus to the East and Agnes Scott College campus in the heart of Decatur, the community is anchored in education.
While none of these academic institutions is particularly liberal, the student and professor presence and the academic overtone most likely due to the academic influence within the city fosters an environment of acceptance and creativity that is more embraced today than ever.


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