Top 5 Streets in Buckhead

January 12, 2009
Sam Bayne, Founding Partner

Sam Bayne, Founding Partner

Wyngate Drive (off of West Wesley) – Situated right in the heart of the fingerbowl of Buckead, I love this street and neighborhood because it is a large cul-de-sac of three streets.  It is extremely private, has lovely homes, and it’s flat so very good for running or walking the dog.  A great mix of original home owners who built their homes as well as younger families.  The elementary school for Wyngate Drive is Morris Brandon.  There are not many cul-de-sacs in this school district so the appreciation seems to keep rising steadily.  A good mix of newer homes and a few originals although when they do come on the market, they are usually in need of a full renovation.  Can sustain being torn down as well due to the appreciation. 

Tuxedo Road (between Northside Dr. and Valley) –  This stretch of Tuxedo has some of the prettiest homes on it I have ever seen.  Wonderful large homes on estate size lots with beautifully renovated historic homes.  The newer homes that have been built in the last 10 years all blend very well. 

Cherokee Road –  One of the quintessential Buckhead streets, the homes on the North side of the street are older, more historical homes and I don’t think there is more beautiful collection of six homes anywhere in the city.  Most are designed by very famous architects, all are on a majestic hilltop setting with wonderful deep backyards.  This street is pretty hard to beat if you are looking to impress your friends.  Problem is, rarely do they ever come on the market.  Most are passed down to children.

Woodhaven Road – One of the quietest streets in Buckhead.  Centrally located and has a great mix of older homes as well as newer homes that were not overbuilt on the lots.  All blend well together.  Large deep lots add to the privacy factor and as homes come on the market, younger families are moving in.

Ridgewood Road – This street has undergone a major transformation over the last 8 years.  Most of the homes have been torn down and beautiful new construction has been put up in their place.  Great family feel to the street as it doesn’t get too much traffic.  Not at the top of the list because it is a little too far away from Buckhead for me but it is great for being close to all the private schools.


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