Five of the top streets in Brookhaven

January 10, 2009

Leslie Ransom Founding Partner

Leslie Ransom Founding Partner


West Brookhaven, East Brookhaven, Stovall Blvd, Club Drive, Vermont

It is difficult to limit the most beautiful streets in Brookhaven to only five streets because there are many…

The neighborhood of Historic Brookhaven was developed in the early 1900’s as summer homes for prominent Atlanta families that lived in the city.  At that time the trip from Atlanta to Brookhaven was too far for a daily commute. The Brookhaven Country Club was incorporated in 1910. The golf course opened in 1912 as Atlanta’s second golf course. In 1915 the Capital City Club purchased The Brookhaven Club. Brookhaven is distinct in being the first community in Georgia designed around a golf course. Great efforts were taken to retain the existing trees during the development.

A beautiful canopy of mature hardwood and pine trees exists today and many homes are set far back from the street.  Some homes have long winding driveways, deep lots, sidewalks, and golf course views.  These homes are from another era with lots of charm and character. Several Brookhaven homes were designed by noted Atlanta architects such as Hal Hentz, Neel Reid, Cyril B. Smith, W Montgomery Anderson, and Henry D Norris.


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