Craft Restaurant at The Mansion on Peacthree

December 8, 2008

I had the incredible opportunity to dine at the new Craft Restaurant at The Mansion on Peachtree a Rosewood Hotel & Residences over the weekend.


The atmosphere and the food are phenomenal combination. The ingredients accompanying the entrees exceeded every expectation. Mushrooms, leeks, scallops. All of the food prepared would resonate with every taste bud and all your senses.


Dine slowly so you do not miss a tasting experience. Spread the word because it is sensational and the pricing is reasonable.


Craft is designed with green elements like wood rescued from bogs under the water, copper, walnut and is sophisticated earthy. There is The Craft Bar and dining on the lower level and a large dining room on the top level. The staff was well prepared and offered excellent service. 



Mike Bugg

Senior VP

SkyRise Group


P.S. Don’t forget you can buy a home at The Mansion on Peachtree. Residences start at $2.5 million; our sales center is open daily at 11:00a.m.  Call 404.974.4430 for more information.



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